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Criminal Investigation

Team Assignment


Detective Chief             Serves as team leader as well as investigator, divides the tasks

                                       among the team members and checks to make sure all

                                       examinations and reports are completed.


Field Investigator  #1   Serves as the recorder to document all evidence, complete

                                       documents to be filed with the district attorney’s office.


Field Investigator #2    Serves as the leader in the laboratory investigations, obtains all

                                       the equipment of experiments to be conducted on the evidence.


Field Investigator  #3   Serves as evidence investigator, checks out information from the

                                       evidence locker.


Field Investigator  #4  Serves as special detective as assigned by the Chief Detective.








Chief Detective



Field Investigator #1



Field Investigator #2



Field Investigator #3



Field Investigator #4




Team’s Evaluation


Each team must turn in each of the following:

1.  Detailed diagram of the crime scene - due when crime is solved

2.  Brief strategic plan for investigation -due at beginning of day 2

3.  List of evidence -- use attached truth table -- due when crime is solved

4.  Daily log of teams activities-- due when crime is solved

5.  Results of all laboratory experiments conducted-- due when crime is solved

6.  One page summary listing guilty party and evidence used to reach that conclusion

      --due when crime is solved